Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Slide Show

The department had a old slide projector that they let us borrow for the exhibit. The shop we went to to develop and mount the slides, did have enough mounts. This was probably because not many people ask for slides these days. We managed to get some more slides and put the projector on a timer.

We painted our whole exhibition space black and left a white square so that the slides could be projected and seen clearly. The white square idea proved to be very successful. And we covered the floor in black cloth to help it stand out. I think that this technique was simple yet effective and gave the exhibition a professional look.

We we projected the slides we found that they didn't look as old as we thought they would. The actually came out quite clear how ever the colours were quite vintage. This discovery was a bit disappointing but also quite interesting. We took a risk with expired film, you never know how its going to turn out.

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