Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sibylle Bergemann

Sibylle Bergemann is a photographer with me group member Kia brought to our attention. She mentioned this photographer because of her interesting Polaroid photography.

We talked about how Polaroid these days are not seen as art but a tredy fashionable things to have. I feel like Sibylle Bergemann uses the eire effect that Polaroids give of to explore the human expression and thats something that we should do. 

"The photographs of Berlin-born Sibylle Bergemann are awe-inspiring for one because of the diversity of their subject matter and second for their astonishing insights and sensitivity. Bergemann commands subjects such as fashion, reportage, photographic essays, urban and rural landscapes as well as portraits in an equally self-assured manner. At first known as a fashion photographer, she fast became noted for her photographic essays and her precise observations of hidden contexts." taken from here

Here's some more of her work

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