Saturday, 25 February 2012

First Photo shoot

We planned to do the digital photos for the dark room and the slides on the same day but it was raining so we only did the digital photos. We prepared a range of different costumes for the models and props. We tried to keep many of the poses as ambiguous as possible so they could be interpreted in many ways. Therefore people could come to various resolutions. 

SHOT LIST: 1. Toddlers; 2. Dinner date; 3. Argument - Boy and Girl; 4. Holding Hands5. Argument Girl and Girl; 6. Suitcase; 7. Pregnant; 8. Church; 9. Different man; 10. Lads drinking; 11. Girl crying to girl; 12. Intimate Shot; 13. Group meeting; 14. Passed out on the floor; 15. Pregnancy test; 16. 2 girls crying; 17. Cleaning up kids toys ; 18. Driving; 19. Ring on finger ; 20. Ring on chain; 21. Flowers (happy face); 22. Flowers in the bin; 23. Button hole flower; 24. Baby shoe.

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