Saturday, 25 February 2012

Thought Shower

My group is made up of four people, Elekia, Joanna and Karis and I. We got together and started to look at the word Resolution in different ways and thinking about how we could make it into an exhibition piece. I was clear that we wanted to reflect on more than one definition of the word. I thought that we should combine as many different kinds of media format that was efficiently possible.

Resolution - could refer to a problem but that would be to smile and wouldn't require much thought. I think the way how people come to a resolution is interesting. Like when you watch a murder mystery and look at the clues to figure out who the killer is. 

However, we also wanted to look at resolution in relation to things like pixilation, photo quality and sound quality. We thought that looking at different type of photography and film may help us get more ideas since we wanted a range. We talked about how photos the the ability to tell stories with out written words and how the audience should be allowed to make up their own story.

The Website
For this project we have to team up with a computer science student to make a website about the exhibition. We decided that we would do separate pages explaining the different type of medium and an explanation of the project on the home page.

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