Saturday, 25 February 2012

Our Idea

We decided to an exhibition based on photo resolution and partly on narrative resolution too. In total we plan for there to be four elements in our exhibition. The set of our exbit will be a viewing room and a dark room which we will make ourselves. These four parts will be:

1) Hanging photographs which the audience can rearrange to create a narrative. The images are going to be of a relationship between a girl and a boy and their friends at different points in their lives. 

2) The are going to be a 35mm projection of photos we will take of people in vintage and modern clothing sitting together.

3) The are going to be Polaroid's photos of modern day things. This and will also show how the resolution of photos make you question when the photos where taken.
4) The forth element is sound resolution. We plan to have a sound clip pay of the characters speaking to each other about different things. The idea behing this is so that the audience try to link up the conversations with the images the are seeing. 

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